Seeking Knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim (Ibn-e-Maja 224)

Library Services

The prime objective of the library is to provide the professional assistance to the Hon’ble Courts. Thus, it is not open to the general public in order to avoid any distraction. Some of the key services being provided by the library are as under:

  1. Provision of case laws, law books/journals, statues etc., and other reference and research materials/ Documents as desired by the Hon’ble Judges.
  2. To Assist the Research Center through various Reference sources i.e. Halsbury’s Laws of England, India, American Jurisprudence, Corpus Juris Secundum, American Words & Phrases Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Law Reports, Text Books, Gazettes Research Articles from international libraries and e-databases etc.
  3. Current Awareness Services (CAS)
    To provide the users with the latest information about his/her specific subject and related topics in an expeditious manner.
  4. Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)
    Through which Librarian can keep library users informed about the latest literature/publications on specific topics of specified interest
  5. Provision of research assistance using online local and foreign legal databases etc.
  6. Provision of materials not available in the Judges Library from other libraries or institutions through Inter Library Loan (ILL) to meet the immediate needs of Hon’ble Court;
  7. Documents Delivery
    To provide physical or electronic delivery of a document from library collection to the library users, upon request
  8. Reprographic Services
    Act of producing a fresh copy of a document to the library users by means of photocopying and scanning etc.
  9. Internet based information Service
  10. Reference Services: How to search/find a book in the OPAC/library? How access and browse Electronic databases? Or any other question, our qualified and professional staff is available to answer any queries.
  11. Circulation Services: Circulation activities are from the core services of the library, borrowing & renewing facility and clearance certificates are issued from the circulation counter.