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Reference Sources

American Jurisprudence (Second Edition)

American Jurisprudence (second edition is cited as Am. Jur. 2d) is an encyclopedia of the United States law, published by West. ... It is a staple of law libraries, and the current edition is over 140 volumes, updated with replacement volumes, annual pocket supplements, and a New Topic Service binder.

Black’s Law Dictionary (11th Edition)

The greatly expanded edition, with new material on every page, is at once the most practical, comprehensive, scholarly, and authoritative law dictionary ever published. With clarity and rigor, it defines more than 55,000 law-related words and phrases, recording their historical and present-day nuances. 

American Words and Phrases

This product is a multi-volume set containing judicial definitions, from both state and federal courts, of words and phrases, arranged alphabetically. Definitions may pertain to statutory language, court rules, administrative regulations, or business documents, among other sources. Each definition contains a citation from the court that provided the definition.

A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles

A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles, (NED), the title of the original edition (1884–1928) of The Oxford English Dictionary (q.v.), which was the revised and corrected edition published in 1933.

Corpus Juris Scendum

Corpus Juris Secundum (CJS) is an encyclopedia of United States law at the federal and state levels. It is arranged alphabetically, into over 430 topics, which in turn are arranged into subheadings. As of 2010, CJS consisted of 164 bound volumes, 5 index volumes and 11 table of cases volumes. Legal encyclopedias like CJS were at one time heavily used by the courts, the growth of statutory and regulatory governance has had the effect of eroding this reliance. As such, rather than being used as sources of authoritative statements of law, legal encyclopedias are now more often used as tools for finding relevant case law.

Encyclopedia of the Laws of England

Encyclopedia of the Laws of England is an encyclopedia of English law edited by Alexander Wood Renton and (captain) Maxwell Alexander Robertson (sometimes called "Max Robertson")

Encyclopedia Britannica

The Encyclopedia Britannica is a general knowledge English-language encyclopedia which is now published exclusively as an online encyclopedia. It was formerly published by Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc., and other publishers (for previous editions). It was written by about 100 full-time editors and more than 4,000 contributors.

Encyclopedia of World Constitutions

According to the introduction, every nation has a constitution or a set of documents that serves as one. In each of these, the fundamental "rules" of the country--the defining principals of its government--are laid out in one form or another. It would be difficult to make any other generalizations concerning these documents and the information they contain. Each is unique in itself, while performing a similar function. The very nature of the material makes it challenging for a casual or inexperienced researcher to make comparisons.

Halsbury Laws of England (05th Edition)

Halsbury's Laws of England covers the whole spectrum of English law and is designed to enable practitioners to answer the full range of questions likely to arise in the course of their work, especially those which fall outside their own fields of expertise. It provides the only comprehensive narrative statement of the law of England and Wales, containing law derived from every source, and written by leading lawyers, both practitioners and academics, to ensure readers benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Jowitt’s Dictionary of English Law

Jowitt's Dictionary of English Law is a comprehensive law dictionary covering the law of England and Wales, providing explanations of legal terms and their historical context.

Legal Systems of the World: A Political, Social and Cultural Encyclopedia

Legal Systems of the World is the only comprehensive reference work that covers the legal systems of every nation on earth, every state in the Union, and every province of Canada.

Major Law Lexicon by P. Ramanatha Aiyar

P Ramanatha Aiyar’s Major Law Lexicon, a new title based on the Advanced Law Lexicon is an encyclopaedic work and an essential reference for every law library. The encyclopaedic edition incorporates definitions of legal words and phrases covering 135,000 entries and 850,000 references.

Stroud’s Judicial Dictionary of Words and Phrases

Stroud's Judicial Dictionary has for over 100 years been the starting point for research into the meaning of all words and phrases that come to be used in a legal context. ... An authoritative guide to the present construction of words and phrases occurring in legislation, decided cases and other legal documents.

Tax Law Dictionary

The Tax Law Dictionary is a handy and compact tax dictionary which provides accurate meanings of legal maxims, Latin terms, and words & phrases that are commonly used in the various fields of tax law. This edition includes terms defined in various statutes, and judicial interpretation from important decisions of the Supreme Court, High Courts, and Tribunals.

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

A major revision of the Fifth Edition of The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, the premier resource about words for people who seek to know more and find fresh perspectives. This new printing, which marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of the original American Heritage Dictionary, presents the most up-to-date research about the words in our language in an accessible and elegant design, featuring thousands of revisions, including more than 150 new words and senses.

The Encyclopedia Americana

Encyclopedia Americana is a general encyclopedia written in American English. It was the first major multivolume encyclopedia that was published in the United States. The encyclopedia has more than 45,000 articles, most of them more than 500 words and many running to considerable length (the "United States" article is over 300,000 words). Americana is international in scope and is known for its detailed coverage of American and Canadian geography and history. Americana is also known for its strong coverage of biographies, and scientific and technical subjects. Written by 6,500 contributors, the Encyclopedia Americana includes over 9,000 bibliographies, 150,000 cross-references, 1,000+ tables, 1,200 maps, and almost 4,500 black-and-white line art and color images.

The Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History

The first encyclopedia of law to provide historical and contemporary comparisons of world legal systems in all areas of the world from ancient to modern times.

US Supreme Court Reports 1900 to 2018

United States Reports is a series of bound case reporters that are the official reports of decisions for the United States Supreme Court. A citation to a United States Supreme Court decisions includes three elements that are needed to retrieve a case Early reports of U.S. Supreme Court decisions were named for the clerk who compiled them. U.S. Reports includes the content from these nominative reporters.

New Standard Encyclopedia (1994) volume 1 to 20

New Standard Encyclopedia's volumes, which are smaller than standard encyclopedia size, cover two letter ranges, with separate pagination for each letter and no pagination on the spine. Most of the material is not covered in depth. Of the major topics checked, only the entry for the Lewis and Clark expedition is satisfactory. The coverage of Australian aborigines is odd. Readers looking at the article Australia would think that aborigines did not exist because they are barely mentioned there; it is disturbing to see a paragraph under the heading.

Law Reports, Ch.D, King Bench, Q.B, Ch. App, Probate Division

Law reporting was regularized in the late nineteenth century. Prior to 1865, barristers attended hearings and wrote up and published reports of cases, often under their own name. These reports are generally referred to as 'nominate reports'. The proliferation of these reports, and uncertainty about what constituted the authoritative report of the judgments included Law Reports, Ch.D, King Bench, Q.B, Ch. App, and Probate Division.

English Reports volume 1-176

English Reports, Volumes 1-176: Shewing where Each Volume of the Old Reports is Reprinted in the English Reports in the House of Lords, Privy Council, Chancery, Rolls Court, Vice-Chancellor, King's Bench, Common Bench, Exchequer, Ecclesiastical, Admiralty, Probate and Divorce, Crown Cases, and Nisi Prius Series.

Australian Digest (1962-1983) volume 1 to 43

The Australian Digest, 1960-1986: Being a Digest of the Reported Decisions of the Australian Courts and of Australian Appeals to the Privy Council (56 Volumes).

All England Law Reports 1874 to 2019

The All England Law Reports provide an up-to-date archive of cases heard by the Supreme Court, the Privy Council, both divisions of the Court of Appeal and all divisions of the High Court. The archive gives you their full text, summaries of judgements and cross-references to the relevant authority.

AIR Manual volume 1 to 22

The AIR Manual series, Digest's on various topics, Exhaustive and most researched Commentaries on various Acts and Topics have all been published under the AIR banner. AIR Manual reporting cases with its head notes from all High Courts across India and the Privy Council. Considering the infrastructural facilities available at Nagpur, it was a herculean task, but our founder took upon himself this task with selfless objective of serving his brethren in the legal fraternity.

Indian Cases (1909-1947)

Indian cases; containing full reports of decisions of the Privy Council, the High Courts of Allahabad, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, and Patna, the chief courts of Lower Burma and the Punjab, the Courts of the judicial commissioners of Central Provinces, Oudh, Sind, and Upper Burma, reported in the following 25 legal periodicals: Allahabad (1) Indian law reports, (2) Law journal; Bombay (1) Indian law reports (2) Law reporter; Burma (1) Law times, (2) Lower Burma rulings, (3) Upper Burma rulings; Calcutta (1) Indian law reports, (2) Law journal, (3) Weekly notes; Madras (1) Indian law reports, (2) Law journal, (3) Law times, (4) Law weekly, (5) Weekly notes; Nagpur law reports; Oudh (1) Cases, (2) Law journal; Patna (1) Cases, (2) Law journal, (3) Law weekly; Punjab (1) Law reporter, (2) Record, (3) Weekly reporter; Sind law reporter, with a large number of extra rulings not reported elsewhere

All India Reports (1914-2019)

Started in 1914 All India Reporter (AIR) is India’s oldest law reports with comprehensive coverage of all the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India. The monthly journal covers judgments of the High courts and bench rulings as well as judgments of the Supreme Court of India.

Reinstatement of the Law 2nd

In American jurisprudence, the Restatements of the Law are a set of treatises on legal subjects that seek to inform judges and lawyers about general principles of common law. There are now four series of Reinstatements all published by the American Law Institute, an organization of judges, legal academics, and practitioners founded in 1923.

Excise Law Times Reports 1977 -2018 volume 1 to 360

It is a fortnightly periodical magazine published by Shri. R. K. Jain's Centax Publications, New Delhi. ELT is the most subscriber periodical in Corporate and Government Sectors. It covers the latest laws, policies, notifications etc related to Indirect Taxes (Central Excise & Customs) Articles by experts are informative.

Weekly Law Reports 1953 to 2016

The Weekly Law Reports have been expanded for the first time since their creation in 1953 to cover a wider range of new case law, making it the most comprehensive and current series of English case law report available anywhere. All Judgment transcripts for all cases decided in the Administrative Court and the Court of Appeal since 1998 will be available alongside our collection of reported case law

Indian Journal of International Law volume 1-47

The Indian Journal of International Law (IJIL) publishes peer-reviewed articles that enhance the knowledge of International Law. In addition to putting international legal issues on the intellectual agenda, the journal seeks to promote a dialogue between academics, legal professionals and students in which social economic and human rights are interwoven with a multidisciplinary approach.